About Us

CHI CHI SPORT is a Chicago-based premium athletic apparel company tailored to all. From the every day runner, to the never ever runner and everyone in between, there is a CHI CHI style for each unique individual. We wanted to create comfortable, functional, stylish products that embodied the essence of the fine city of Chicago. Whether they are worn for playing, training or just relaxing, we hope they are worn with pride and satisfaction.


A financial consultant by day, and spontaneous traveler by night, Lauren Hendrickson is a born and raised Texan who became a Chicago transplant four years ago. As an attempt to relive the glory days of her high school athletic career, she has participated in several triathlons and half marathons including the Chicago Half Marathon and the Chicago Triathlon. You can find her on the Lake Shore path-Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall- She’s the girl in the Chicago Flag running shorts!


Eileen is a born and raised Chicago native with a love for her hometown. A White Sox fan by birth, a lover of Giordano's pizza by choice (because it's delicious). A protestor of long distance running for many years, she ran her first half marathon in college to prove something to herself. After that first half marathon she said, "I could not imagine doing this twice - marathoners are crazy!" Many races & two marathons later, she's on her way to Boston in 2015! Turns out she's one of the crazy ones.